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Can I read mail using Webmail? Yes, you just need to use a special address format. For the Linux platform: http://server IP... Do you have spam filters? How do they work? SpamAssasin is installed on our servers, you can activate it by yourself using your hosting... How do I connect to my database remotely? Our server's firewall blocks outgoing connections by default. That's why you should contact... How do I connect via SSH? In order to connect via SSH, you should use any SSH program which works on port 22. For example,... How do I transfer a database from one server to another one? You may import and export databases using phpMyAdmin, which can be accessed via control panel... How to connect to the server using FTP? To connect via FTP you can use any FTP client (FileZilla, WinSCP, Total Commander etc) and... How to create a subdomain in cPanel? - Please log in into cPanel control panel. - In 'DOMAINS' section choose 'SUBDOMAINS'.... How to generate a backup of the site? To generate a site's backup, please do the following: 1. Log in to cPanel control panel. 2.... How to park a domain name in control panel cPanel? EXAMPLE: If you've parked domain to, so when visiting in... How to point mail to Google? Step 1. Sign up for Google. 1) Click on this link [1] and register your domain in Google... I have just added .htaccess file and now the server shows 500 error. What is the reason? There can be the following reasons of getting 500 error (Internal Server Error) : -... In which folder should php scripts be placed? PHP scripts can be uploaded to any folder of your hosting account: FOR LINUX PLATFORM:... Is the access enabled to edit php.ini file? On our servers PHP is installed as CGI handler (suPHP). Therefore, any user may create a... Is the disk space of a database included in total size of the disk quota? Starting from cPanel version 11.25 the database size is included in the total amount of the disk... May I create separate FTP users for subdomains? Yes, of course. You may perform this action via your cPanel control panel in 'FTP ACCOUNTS'... May I use anonymous FTP access? You may get Anonymous FTP only in case you have a dedicated IP address. May I use mod_rewrite? Yes, you can. All you need is to add the following string to your _.htaccess file_:... Perl script shows 'Internal Server Error'. What are the reasons? - the file has wrong permissions; the correct permissions should be 755; - the script... The IP is being blocked while working with FTP. What can I do? Most likely the passive mode is already enabled in your FTP settings. To disable it, please do... Using one php.ini for the whole site ''I don't want to copy php.ini in each folder with the script, is there any other way to set the... What is .htaccess? _.HTACCESS_ is just a text file which contains directives for web server Apache. __... What is DBI for Perl? Perl module DBI is being used to connect to databases, e.g. MySQL. EXAMPLE: Perl $dbh =... What is the path to the interpreter PHP? For PHP5 the following paths should be used /usr/local/bin/php5 or /usr/local/php5 For older... What permissions should PHP scripts have? On our servers, PHP is compiled as CGI-application. Also, SuEXEC is installed. Permissions on... What settings should be specified in your mail client for further work with e-mail? POP3-server for incoming mail - mail.yourdomain SMTP-server for outgoing mail -... Which MySQL version is installed on the server? MySQL 5.0.x is running on our servers and there are some servers that have version 5.1.x.... Which Perl modules are installed? We've got standard Perl modules installed. We may also install additional modules per your... Which details (Hostname, Username and Password) should be used to work with MySQL on the server? Please use 'localhost' as hostname. Use MySQL Username and Password which you set for your... Which path to Perl should I mention? The first line in the script should be a line: #!/usr/bin/perl Work of filters in newer versions of the control panel There are two levels of filtering in control panel "User Level Filtering" (for an individual...
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