Is the access enabled to edit php.ini file?

On our servers PHP is installed as CGI handler (suPHP). Therefore, any user may create a custom php.ini file and place it into the folder where the scripts are located. This is quite convenient, as you can manually edit your settings without contacting the technical support. If you've decided to place it somewhere in public_html, then please add the following directives to .htaccess in order to prohibit unauthorized users to view your php.ini file: Order allow,deny Deny from All With the mentioned settings of PHP as CGI handler you cannot use directives php_value in .htaccess file (this will cause 500 error). If you are not going to perform global changes, you may simply use ini_set() function directly in the script code. _IMPORTANT TO KNOW:_ Custom php.ini file is valid only within the directory, where it is located
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The first line in the script should be a line: #!/usr/bin/perl

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You may get Anonymous FTP only in case you have a dedicated IP address.