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"401 Authorization Required". Error description Print

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When you've entered your site, you've been asked for username/password. If you haven't entered the valid credentials, you will be forwarded to 401 AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED page. This means that you have enabled "Password protected directories" option (occasionally or on purpose ) in your CPanel for the folder you are currently trying to access now. After that .htaccess file was created or modified in the same directory. If you open it, you will find the following strings there:                                                             AUTHNAME "RESTRICTED AREA" AuthUserFile "/home/username/.htpasswds/public_html/passwd" the file /home/username/.htpasswds/public_html/passwd was created as well. Open it, and you will find the username and it's password (in encrypted form of course ) which you should use to login. If you don't want your directory to be protected, please access your CPanel and disable directory protection. After that ensure that the "Auth" lines were removed from the .htaccess file. If you have forgotten or lost the login details, the best way will be to reassign secure folder's user and reset its password. Some browsers may cache this error page. It will come up again and again, even when you did all the above recommendations. Please clear the cache and cookies of your browser, or even better check your website from some anonymous surfer, like [] to be sure that your browser shows the fresh information.

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